Stonewall Resources is an Australian public company listed on the official list of the ASX (ASX code: SWJ).

Stonewall Resources’ three key projects are:

The Company will initially focus on its TGME Project and in the short/medium term aims to recommence production of the Pre-mined Residue ("PMR"). The PMR, which was bulk sampled in 2015, is a pre-explored, pre-developed, pre-drilled, pre-blasted and represents a significant source of material estimated at approxiamalty 35 million tonnes. The PMR is prevalent in 40 historical mines across the vast prospecting acreage of 62,000 hectars. Accessible by opening exisitng haulages and adits, the PMR is gold bearing residue material from historical mining methods including high grading by hand-picking underground. The PMR was compacted behind stone walls alond the haulages and adits of the mines. The PMR has been sampled (1500 samples to date) and is well understood through some 2500 detailed mining maps created from nearly a century of mining on the property.

The Company intends to build multiple treatment facilities accross its 75km tenements with the aim to significantly ramp up PMR production for the next three years.

In the longer term, the Company plans to adopt a systematic approach to mine primary ore across its six (6) New Order Prospecting rights and well understood underground mines.