Corporate Responsibility

Stonewall Resources is committed to transformation in the South African mining industry and achieving the industry targets of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act of 2010. Stonewall Resources is therefore embracing the challenges of poverty and unemployment in South Africa through:
  • community equity participation
  • procurement
  • local economic development
  • human resource development, and
  • corporate social investments.
Stonewall Resources has facilitated broad-based Black Economic Empowerment at its various operational entities. Each mining entity’s Black Economic Empowerment shareholding is made up of a combination of local community trusts, an employees’ trust and a strategic entrepreneurial partner. 

Stonewall Resources believes that this structure benefits communities that live and work near the various mining projects in terms of local development projects, job procurement, mining participation and shareholder participation. Stonewall Resources does not only facilitate the structure but actively mentors, advises and assists the community trusts to become self-sustainable.